Alexander Technique

It is a practical method for optimal use of the body improving balance, support and coordination when moving, resting, breathing, learning and organising our awareness and focus of attention. 

Changes brought about by good habits of diet and exercise are well understood.  The long-term effects of good habits of the ”use of the self” are less well known but equally life-changing.

Beneficial for

  • Back, neck and joint pain

  • Muscle tension and stiffness

  • Breathing and vocal problems

  • Poor posture

  • Headaches and migraine  


The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
The American Society for the Alexander Technique
General Alexander Technique information

Alexander Technique lessons are taught one-on-one, like private music lessons.

Lessons are 45 minutes
The teacher uses gentle hands-on guidance and verbal directions. You learn to become aware of, and then gradually strip away, the habits of movement, tension and reaction that interfere with natural and healthy coordination.

Alexander Technique takes time to learn, think and coordinate. It is recommended to begin with a series of 6 lessons to realize some big changes in your daily activities. Walking, sitting, running, picking something up, you will start using your body differently. 
This is the most beneficial way to learn the Alexander Technique, as it allows you to work with the teacher on your individual habits of movement, which vary from person to person.
Single private lesson - $90
Six lessons package - $500 (expires after 6 months)


An introduction class or a workshop

Learning in group-settings, through workshop or course can be helpful in several ways. Introductory workshops and courses can be a good way to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of the Alexander Technique.

A special workshop can help to apply the Alexander Technique to particular activities like yoga or in special setting like acting or dancing.


Alexander Technique lessons with Anna helped my daughter to gain her self-esteem back! We came to work on voice projection and stiff neck and shoulders due to stage fright. Not only her voice improved and shoulder pain is gone, but she feels that it helped her in her volleyball training. We couldn't be happier, Anna was fun and resourceful in explaining, patient and helpful with any questions we had. 

Liz, 48

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