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Coordination and poise rely on the natural balance of the head, neck and back, what F.M. Alexander called “The Primary Control”. The Technique works through re-establishing this natural balance to promote easy upright posture and efficient functioning, body and mind.
The Alexander Technique is a subtle and thoughtful discipline, but essentially practical and problem-solving.

Benefits overview

Most common

  • People with different types of back, neck and/or joint pain

  • Anyone suffering from various tensions including migraines and dysphonia

  • Musicians, actors and singers 

  • Lecturers, teachers and public speakers 

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiast

  • Anyone looking to improve posture in movement

Beneficial for

  • Performance improvement and injury prevention in music, drama and sport

  • Post-injury recovery

  • Apnea and snoring 

  • Developing ease and elegance in movement

  • Support during pregnancy and childbirth

  • Improvement of balance, stability and coordination

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