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F.M. Alexander (1869-1955)

Was an Australian actor who began to experience chronic laryngitis whenever he performed. When his doctors could not help him, Alexander discovered a solution on his own. He had not been aware that excess tension in his neck and body were causing his problems, and began to find new ways to speak and move with greater ease.


His health improved to such an extent that his friends and several of the doctors he had consulted earlier persuaded him to teach others what he had learned. Over a career span of more than fifty years, he refined his method of instruction. After teaching for over 35 years, he began to train teachers of what has now become known as the Alexander Technique.


From about 1894 onward, he started teaching his discoveries in Melbourne, and later in Sydney, until teaching became his main occupation. A number of doctors referred patients to him. In 1904 he brought his Technique to London, with letters of recommendation from JW Steward MacKay, an eminent surgeon in Sydney.

He established a thriving practice in London, published four books and from the 1930s trained about 80 teachers in his Technique. F.M. Alexander continued to teach right up to his death in London in 1955.

The Alexander Technique, now practised for over 100 years worldwide, not only can help improve the voice, breathing and posture but also can give you tools to help relieve back, neck and other chronic pain.

The 5 Principles of the Alexander Technique

Recognition of Force of Habit
Inhibition and Non-Doing
Recognition of Faulty Sensory Awareness
Sending Direction
The Primary Control

4 Books by F.M. Alexander

Man’s Supreme Inheritance
Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual
The Use of the Self
The Universal Constant in Living

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